About Teach Troy

Georgia Death Row prisoner Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia on Wednesday, September 21 despite overwhelming doubts about his guilt. His official time of death was 11:08 p.m. (eastern time).

We put this emergency curriculum together very quickly over a weekend in an attempt to make sure that Troy’s story got out to more educators and students. Educators for Troy —a Chicago-based ad hoc group of educators, activists and artists— was formed to call on all educators to interrupt their regular teaching schedules during the week of September 12th to dedicate a class period to “Teach Troy.”

We asked educators to please use this emergency “Teach Troy” curriculum to educate your students about the case of Troy Davis. We provided links to readings and videos about Troy’s case in addition to suggestions for student projects and assignments. We also included a page that allowed your students to take some simple independent actions to help save Troy’s life. Unfortunately everyone’s collective efforts around the world were not enough to convince the state of Georgia to spare Troy’s life. However as Troy wrote in a letter on September 11th: “Never Stop Fighting for Justice and We will Win!”

We will heed Troy’s words and keep this blog up. We invite educators to keep “Teaching Troy.” We have updated the TAKE ACTION section with resources for students who might want to join the fight against the Death Penalty. We hope that they will do this in Troy’s name.

Please feel free to share your experiences here on the “Teach Troy” blog (on the Feedback page) and ask your students to do the same.  Educators and students can also e-mail their work to us directly at troydaviseducation@gmail.com.  We will keep an archive of all contributions here on this blog.

Visit Amnesty International’s Site for videos and information about Troy Davis’s case. You can also visit Troy Davis’s website to learn more about the case.

18 responses to “About Teach Troy”

  1. Andriea Ishman says :

    We must band together and see to it that justice is had. Every man deserves a fair trial and this man, who is scheduled to be executed next week, did not get that. It is his right to be tried in an unbiased court. Speak up! Let’s DO something.

    • C. Frazier says :

      No one has the right to take a life…not even a government faction. FREE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT HOW MANY MEN HAVE BEEN SET FREE FROM DEATH ROW IN ILLINOIS OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS. WE ARE NOT THE ONE’S WHO SHOULD JUDGE.

  2. Roxanne Ivey says :

    for Troy Davis

    Innocent eyes
    The clearest of skies,
    Though clouded by contempt,
    Incite us to see
    The blind tyranny
    Of terror in suspense—
    The scales of justice weighted
    By the jaded sway of lies,
    A life held in the balance
    And a cradled compromise;
    Yet hope kneels at her altar
    ‘Til the day he is set free,
    And empathetic hearts cry out,
    “I am Troy, and Troy is me!”

    Roxanne Ivey
    Poets for Positive Change

  3. JAW(...ONE) says :



    Well, with the Peoples’ influence, the governor could pardon him as early as today or as late as 6:59 that possibly fateful Wednesday; let’s go for earlier, y’all! Keep the Creativity megA.

    Peace, Respect, and Blessin’s,


  4. Marcus Ford says :

    This is not the first time something like this happen, and it won’t be the last unless we as black people wake up and take a stand. FREE TROY DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Roxanne Ivey says :

    In Georgia, unlike some other states, the governor cannot commute a death sentence; only the parole board can. So keep praying and protesting. Our combined voices are too loud, too strong, to be ignored.

  6. AdamHeenan (@ClassroomSooth) says :

    Great job on this curriculum. Planning to use in Tuesday. Hoping I get to share the good news of clemency with my students that day. #SaveTroyDavis

  7. Anita Walsh says :

    This is haunting. How can anyone not care about someone incarcerated for so long, about to be executed based on coerced testimony, ( which has been in several instances been recanted ).

  8. I. Blue says :

    America has lost her way, when we sit in judgement of a life sentence that is one thing. When we as a nation decide who will live and who will die we are in serious trouble. It is stunning that putting a person for eternity is not enough, America must issue the ultimate punishment, DEATH. This man Troy Davis should not be put to death for his sake, he should not be put to death for the sake of this great nation. We are better than this, and we are all one. DO NOT execute Troy Davis spare our great nation the indignity.

  9. JanCorey says :

    Another wrongfully-executed victim imo, thousands done already. Time will tell the truth and this execution will make the surviving family members all millionaires, just like in other cases after the facts come out from the upcoming lawsuits. But, I believe the strongest way to prevent the wrong-doing by the state again is for someone to publicly disclose the individual people involved in this case from a prosecutorial-side, get a list of whereabouts for each person, their time schedules, their families time schedules and locations and let true justice prevail by the public concerned in this case. It may actually help the economy by increasing the sales of guns, ammunitions, and funeral services.

  10. JanCorey says :

    Nothing has been taught or learned by the defendant only the injustice of executing a potentially innocent man. Sleep well you pro-death advocates, sleep well, at least for now.

  11. Bunifiable says :

    We can’t let this go away. Life is too precious, and no one really has the right to decide who lives or who dies.

  12. Katiew says :

    I modified it to compare and contrast the Brewer and Davis cases during the week. I wanted the students to really consider if they supported capital punishment and why beyond media.
    . Then Buck who was given repreive as a result racialy biased testimony.
    issues of race and class in the justice system and in our culture made .

    the response to Troy Davis being actually executed was disturbing for the students they all had a response. They believed he would not die.

    Journal response:How did you personally feel about the executions of Davis and Brewer cases ? the victim’s families. Both victims had family members that witnessed and members who protested against the executions.

    Persuasive essay questions:
    as a result of your research Is capital punishment a penalty that should be in our justice system at all? with what you have found is there an argument for capital punishment? does/can the justice system have equity? How does the US criminal justice system reflect our culture?

    Final:a few kids believe that capital punishment should remain butThey all agree that the system must change. The final question is how ? What can you do?
    Regarding my high school school as a whole it was only touched on in a few social studies class.Unfortunate considering this is a high poverty urban school.

  13. katiektw says :

    Gabriel Prosser and 25 other heros of a slave rebellion were executed today in 1800 in Richmond VA….down the street from my house……. To be discussed in school tomorrow as they finsh their editorial letters on the Troy Davis execution on his 43 birthday.

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