Today is September 22nd 2011.  We are just a few hours past the tragic execution of Troy Davis.  We have received a few e-mails asking us for resources that can be used to discuss Troy’s execution along with ideas for how to encourage future action as well as healing.  We will work on pulling some of those resources together in this section over the next few days.

One important resource that starts us down the road of healing and of thinking about future actions to abolish the death penalty is Troy Davis’s final letter to all of us.

We welcome submissions from anyone to help build up this section of the blog.  Send us what you think we should include at troydaviseducation@gmail.com. Resources can include anything: inspirational words, calls to action, music, audio, video….


Yesterday, another man was executed in Texas. His name was Lawrence Russell Brewer and he is one of the men who was convicted in the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. The family of Mr. Byrd was interviewed before the execution and Mr. Byrd’s son is quoted as saying: “You can’t fight murder with murder.”

In another case of a violent crime, the family of James Anderson in Mississippi wrote an impassioned letter to prosecutors asking that the young man responsible for their son’s death NOT be subjected to capital punishment. “We ask that you not seek the death penalty for anyone involved in James’ murder,” the letter states.


Prayers for Troy Davis (PHOTOS)

A Circle of Prayer for Troy Davis – and the Country That Would Kill Him by Jen Marlowe

Where Do We Go from Here? In Memory of Troy Davis

This tribute to Troy Davis is a collection of 40+ reflections from ministers, leading scholars, activists, artists, journalists, students and parents who have come together in solidarity, in love, in struggle, in faith and in hope that the loss of Troy Anthony Davis would not be in vain. As “voices crying from the wilderness” of injustice, we have sought to answer the difficult question of “where do we go from here,” hoping to humbly lead from “chaos to community” in the same spirit of Dr. King and countless other freedom fighters. This is a public declaration of our personal desires to ensure the emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being of all those whose spirits may have been broken by what many will remember as a legalized modern-day American lynching.

Our unified vision is that this historical moment would birth many mini-movements throughout this country and throughout the world for generations to come. This is a collection of varying, individual manifestos and communal marching orders. But one thing that runs like a stream throughout this entire project is the belief that the death penalty must be abolished in the United States of America in order to ensure that no human being will ever pay the ultimate price for a crime they may not have committed.

Rise up. Think critically. Speak out. Offer hope. Love deeply. Live fully.


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