Taking Action(s)

Your students can still take action in Troy Davis’s name and memory

Five Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty

The fight to abolish the Death Penalty is ongoing… Here are Troy’s own words about this:

“This movement began before I was born, it must continue & grow stronger…until we abolish the death penalty once & for all.”

Visit the sites of the following organizations to learn more about the Death Penalty and about how you can contribute to its abolishment:

Amnesty International

Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Death Penalty Information Center

The Innocence Project

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

The Southern Center on Human Rights

We who believe in freedom cannot rest…


5 responses to “Taking Action(s)”

  1. Jose says :

    I believe that Troy Davis is innocent because there is no evidence that he shoot the police. some of the witnesses saw the gun violence that was happening and some of the witnesses said that Cole shoot the police officer and admitted that he did but he hired a attorney saying that he did not. so I come to a conclusion that Troy Davis is not guilty.

  2. Jennifer says :

    welll i i think that is just not even fair for this person i mean no for me is not fair he dosent deserve this. they should let him free he needs to leave his life i mean i think this isz to mean what their doin to him for me isz really sad and he dosent deserve thisz. AT MY POINT of view isz just not fair.
    he has been alot of years on jail 16 WOW thats to much he deserve to be free!

  3. daliah says :

    i think troy davis is innocent even if hes not innocent they can’t let him live in prison for something they don’t know is what. you can not, lock a man up it doesn’t what is race is. it could black, white it doesn’t matter you should treat people with respect. i think in Georgia they shouldn’t put someone on death row when they don’t have DNA or anything other from another person you dont know is truth i think davis is a innocent man.

  4. Michelle VanNatta, Dominican University says :

    via Traci Schlesinger on Tuesday 4 :30 pm
    Muhammed Malik writes: “Call District Attorney Larry Chisolm at 912-652-7308 and ask that he withdraw the death warrant for Troy Davis. Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm is the man who requested the death warrant against Troy Davis, and he is in a unique position to petition the judge to withdraw the death warrant against Troy.”

  5. daraouz says :

    je sais et je suis sure que troy davis est innocent de ce qu’on reproche .etmeme si c’etait vrai pourquoi vouloire lui oter la vie comme si on tuais un chien enragĂ©.Dieu ne laissera pas celui qui portera sa main sur Davis. la justice de ce monde est corrumpue mais la justice de Dieu est juste et claire tuer troy mais lui il sais si troy est coupable ou pas

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